The Spliced Keyring Macrame Party Pack - At Home DIY Craft Party - Party of 8

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Perfect to include as a crafty activity for a tween party, this At Home Craft Party Pack includes all the crafty supplies you need. It also doubles as a take home gift but gives the satisfaction of having made something!

With it’s boho style the Spliced Keyring is perfect for the tween age group from 10+ years. There’s no prep required - it comes all ready to do. It is worthwhile to do a practice version before the party - and an extra is included in the pack for this.

This type of craft activity is perfect for smaller party groups. Please do not attempt a group over 10 unless you have helpers on hand! 

The Macrame Spliced Keyring DIY KIT contains:

 - Two lengths 1.25m cord pre-attached to the circle ring

- Working cord for the top of the ring

- Full instructions to make The Macrame Keyring (one copy per two projects for party packs).

You will need:

- Sharp scissors

- Optional clean comb - to comb out the fringes at the end

- Clipboards/ a table you can tape the ring to or similar

COLOUR CHOICES - There are NINE different options available (subject to stock availability). Only one option is included for a party pack - trust me on this one as there will be tears if someone doesn’t get the colour they want if there is a choice.

This party pack is packaged together in one box, and is not available to order separately. NB It is included in some of our larger project packs with other items.

Additional notes: It will take approximately 45 minutes to do this activity depending on the age of the children and ability. It is always recommended to do craft activities prior to sugar consumption for better concentration levels!

Please see separate listings for parties of 6 and 10. 

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