Macrame Diamond Wallhanging - DIY Craft Kit - Boho Inspired Design - Designed for Teens - Ages 13+

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The Boho inspired Macrame Diamond Wallhanging DIY Kit is the perfect room decor project for teens. Although it is just one main knot, the square knot, it requires quite a few hours of meditative knotting. Making gives us a huge sense of satisfaction - there is nothing like starting with the supplies and working through the creative process to completion.

Complete with step by step instructions including many photographs, this should be completed over a few days as it can be surprisingly like a gym workout for the arms!

Available in THREE COLOUR OPTIONS: Natural, White or Black.

The Macrame Diamond Wallhanging DIY KIT contains:

- 1 x 30cm macrame hanging rod (Australian Tasmanian Oak)

- 16 x 4m pre-cut lengths of 5mm soft macrame cotton string - 64m in total!

- Hanging thread (to hang the finished project)

- Full instructions to make your wallhanging

YOU WILL NEED TO SUPPLY a pair of scissors (to trim at the end)   

- Scissors to trim project once finished

- A suitable place to hang the project whist working on it- eg. a clothes rack or door hook

- OPTIONAL: 2 x S hooks to balance the macrame rod from. Alternatively you can use the cotton pieces that are used to tie up the project to tie the rod to a rack.