CK LISTING - The Dream in Colour Macrame DIY Pack - Macrame Spliced Dreamcatcher + Tassel Bunting + Tri-Colour Feather - Designed for Tweens - Ages 8+

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The fabulous Dream in Colour Macrame DIY Pack combines 3 great room decor projects in one kit. The perfect gift or holiday craft for a tween or young teen.


1 x Macrame Spliced Dreamcatcher DIY Kit

1 x Tassel Bunting DIY Kit

1 x Tri-colour Feather Decoration Kit

Making things builds confidence in children of all ages (including teens), so crafting that can be admired is a great way to foster this!

Learn a few of the basic macrame style knots tHough these three projects. Designed for ages 8+ these DIY KITS suit a Year 3 student rIght through to a teen in high school with all the different colour combinations on offer.

The meditative nature of macrame and knotting makes this a relaxing activity. Pop the music on, unwrap the projects and the step by step instructions will guide you. Those at the younger end of the tween age group may need help to start off.


The Macrame Dreamcatcher DIY KIT contains:

- Two Gold Macrame Hoops - 1 x 25cm and 1 x 20cm diameter

- 10 x 2.2m pre-cut lengths of 4mm soft macrame cotton string (5 in each colour chosen)

- 1 x natural string for hanging + extra cotton string to assist in set-up

- Full instructions to make The Macrame Dreamcatcher.

YOU WILL NEED: A clipboard/ table/ doorknob to attach the

project to. Sharp Scissors to trim the edges to finish the project.


The Tassel Bunting DIY KIT contains:

- One length 1.5m cord to hang the bunting from.

NB Limited edition gold will be included in this pack to match back to the Dreamcatcher.

- 6 x 4m lengths of coloured 4mm macrame cotton (2 in each of the 3 colours chosen) to make 6 Tassels.

- Full instructions to make The Tassel Bunting.

YOU WILL NEED TO SUPPLY: A 30cm ruler or tape measure and Sharp Scissors to cut the macrame cord to size for each tassel (and to trim at the end). Optional - a clean comb to comb out the tassels at the end.


The Macrame Feather DIY KIT contains:

- One length 0.5m cord attached to the circle ring

- 3 x 1m lengths of coloured cotton 4mm macrame string

- Full instructions to make The Macrame Feather


- A 30cm ruler or measuring tape.

- Sharp Scissors to cut the string to size and to trim the edges to finish the project.

- Optional - clean comb to brush out the feathers.

COLOUR CHOICES - There are TWO different options available (subject to stock availability).

OPTION ONE: Pink/ White/ Grey - Dreamcatcher is Pink/ White and the other two items contain all three colours.

OPTION TWO: Coral/ White/ Black - Dreamcatcher is Coral/ Black and the other two items contain all three colours.

All three items will work back together.

All 3 kits are packaged together in one box.

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