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Now I’m not a sewing machine expert per se, but having bought, been given and used a number over the years I have some good suggestions of what to look for and what to be wary of.

1. Please please please do not buy a cheap $99 entry level sewing machine, marketed for ‘kids’. Though the price seems great, they will end up in landfill sooner than later if they break as it costs more to fix them than it cost you to buy it. Service costs are around $150. The mechanics are nowhere near the same as a decent priced machine.

2. There is a great second hand market out there, via facebook marketplace or gumtree predominantly, where people bought a machine and then never had time to use it. Or may have bought a second machine and not ended up using it. If you don’t want to pay a service fee after you buy one go for something that is not as old and hasn’t been used as much.

3. Keep it simple. You won’t need it to be computerised, or have heaps of functions, unless you intend to take up specialty sewing like quilting, but it needs to be sturdy and easy to use. Most sewing machines priced between $250 - $400 will be absolutely fine.

4. Look for or wait for the sales or promotions. Spotlight seems to always have a promotion on so go into a store and see what you want to buy and then wait... My top saving tip is to buy a $450 - $500 machine for $280 - $350. You’ll get something really good, that you can then on-sell in the future. There are also a couple of good on-line stores or e-bay sellers out there. I would suggest speaking with them and checking their reviews before making a purchase.

5. Not sure about the investment.... then I would recommend doing a 1 day beginner course to see if it something to pursue. I offer both a 1 and 2 day Beginner Workshop, for Kids in School Holidays but also for Adults if you are reading this and thinking maybe you would like to see if you like sewing.

6. If you are not price conscious and want to support another local business (I have no affiliation but I see lots of great comments for this business) go to Beaches Sewing in Dee Why. You may not get a discount but you will get incredible service and I believe a free lesson thrown in to show you how to use your machine!

7. Bought a machine and have no idea how to get started - message me. I can do a private 1-1 class or contact you in 2021 for our next Learn to Sew Workshops. Or if it’s for kids check our school holiday program class schedule. It can sell out fast so book early to avoid disappointment.

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